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Admission Requrment

  1. The applicant should only be who took Ethiopian higher education entrance Examination (EHEEE) in 2014
  2. Ethiopian higher education entrance examination (EHEEE) result should be:
    1. For Afar, Borna'zone (Oromia) Benshágnul Gumze, Gabmbella, Somali, South Omo zone (SNNP), Wagehmira Zone (Amhara) and West Omo Zone (SNNP): For Male 450 and above For Female 440 and above
    2. For All other regions: For Male 475 and above For Female 460 and above N.B.

    1. Students for whom the civics result is dropped, your results should be calculated out of 600 by deducting your civics results. (First group of examinees) Y-Z=X (i.e.- Y is the EHEEE grade you got out of 700, Z is the civic grade you got, and X is the accepted or recalculated grade you should use to compete for this admission)
    2. While students for whom your civics grade is accepted as your final result, you should convert your marks to 600. ( Second Group of examinees) 6*Y/7 =X (i.e.- Y is the EHEEE grade you got out of 700, X is the accepted or recalculated grade you should use to compete for this admission,)

  3. The transcript average mark from 9th -12th grade should be 80% and above.
  4. High School transcript from 9th-12th grade should be uploaded
  5. EHEEE result printout that shows clear admission number should be uploaded
  6. Application fee of100 Birr should be paid and the receipt should be uploaded
  7. Additional copy of all necessary educational documents should be uploaded
  8. The application will be complete if all necessary information filled and uploaded
  9. Please visit the college website FOR APPLICATION.
  • Written examination accounts 60% and will cover Aptitude, Situational judgment tests
  • Multiple mini interview (30%) (only for short listed applicant's).
  • Academic records accounts10% (Transcript 5 % and EHEEE result 5%).
  • The maximum intake capacity of the college is 65 students
  • From the total Intake 15% will be accepted from the following emerging regions and zone: Afar, Benshangul -Gumze, Borena (Oromia), Gambella, Somalia, South Omo (SNNP), West Omo(SNNP), Wagimera ( Amhara)
  • Written examination will be held on Sunday March 27, 2022GC
  • Written Examination and Interview will be given only in Addis Ababa, and place of examination center will be communicated on the college official website, Facebook and Telegram account. .
  • Bank Account number of the college: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical A/C Number 1000208431068[note: make sure you fulfil all admission requirements before you make payment]
  • Contact: -email: registrar@sphmmc.edu.et, phone: +251118965125.
  • Online application starts on March 14 and the deadline is Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 6PM (12 o’clock local time).


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